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Trustees Report

*** MAY 2020 - latest report to be uploaded shortly ***


Presented at the Annual General Meeting on 27th September at

West Ashtead School



For the period 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2017


Aim (Object) of the Charity


The aim of the Friends of West Ashtead is to advance the education of pupils at West Ashtead County Primary School. 


In planning the activities of the FOWA for the year the Trustees and Friends kept in mind the Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit.  The focus of the activities of the FOWA remain raising funds to support the education experience of the pupils at the school, either through funding facilities like classroom computers and IT equipment, a wider range and number of classroom library books, reduced price cost of education and drama workshops, and other skills development courses, for example cycling proficiency. Decisions on where the funds raised by FOWA are to be used are taken in consultation with the Head teacher and Friends. The Friends are made up of parents who attend regular Fowa meetings. These meetings are open to all parents.


A fantastic contribution is made to the charity by a small group of very committed volunteer members.  We are grateful for the many hours these volunteers have spent supporting the work of the FOWA in meeting its aim. This group includes the Class Reps and Committee Members and other Parents all of whom attend regular FOWA meetings.



Chairman                     Sarah Tennent             

Vice-Chair                     Lindsay Clement                                                          

Treasurer                     Samantha Allen



All Trustees give their time voluntarily and do not receive any remuneration or other benefits.


The FOWA operate within the guidelines of the national confederation of Parent Teacher Associations of which it is a member (membership number 21274)


The FOWA has Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance to cover its meetings, activities, Officers and Volunteers.


The Friends of West Ashtead (FOWA) have had a busy year raising £37,965.29 from a variety of events run during the course of the year.












Summary of the Main Achievements of the Charity During the Year.



Infant and Junior Disco x 4                                           

Bags to School recycling                                               

Firework Night

Bingo Night

Christmas Cracker                                            

School Christmas Cards

Spring Ball

Wild West Night                                              

Class Cake Sales x 3                                          

School Christmas tree Sales

2nd Hand Uniform Sale                         

Mayfair Brochure


Ice cream sales

Smartie Challenge                                                       

Refreshments at Sports Day and Junior Production

Promises Auction        

Film Night x3



The funds raised have provided lap tops and laptop charging stations.

 All classes now have the use of are these laptops and the educational benefits of accessing up to date accessible equipment can be experienced across the whole school.


We have committed a further £15,000 of the funds we have raised in 2016-17 to refurbishing the Library.

This is scheduled to be completed during the October half term break.

This installation will enable the library to be furnished to the highest standard and relocated to what was the Computer Room.

The Computer room is no longer needed due to the enhanced mobility of the computing offer in our school. By increasing the Laptops available to children in classrooms FOWA’s contributions this year has directly affected teaching in a the most positive way.




Serious Incidents

Nil return of serious incidents.



FOWA Responsibilities as a Charity

The charitable status of the FOWA confers certain responsibilities upon the charity and the Trustees.  As a charity with an income of between £25,001-£500,000 FOWA are required to submit an Annual Return, comprising an Annual Report and reviewed annual accounts.  Since April 2009 as a charity with an income above £25,000 per annum the FOWA are also now required to report on any Serious Incidents.  There are no Serious Incidents to report from the past year.




Treasurer’s Report


 We have raised £37,965.29

We spent £14,590 on Computer equipment.

We contributed £1,531.98 towards the Year 6 Leavers Events this year as requested by Mr Hart, Head teacher.

We also funded, Christmas wish lists with £509.39with funds set aside from last year, as agreed by the Committee 2015-16.

We have committed also to spend £15,00 on refurbishing the Library



Appointment of Independent Examiner of Accounts

We have appointed an examiner of accounts this year.

Mr John Whitaker has kindly agreed to perform this task again.


Future Plans

We are focusing our Fundraising efforts this year on the enabling the relocation of space within the school. We have been asked to relocate the FOWA shed this will help facilitate the Head Teachers and Governors long term vision for our school. We are waiting for definitive amount required for this move, but the idea that funds raised in the 2017-18 school year will be spent on this was approved at the Last FOWA meeting of 2016-17.


Trustees Report

This year ends with mixed emotions for me.

I feel extremely proud that we have achieved  the goals we have set out to this year by increasing the ICT offer across our school.

This speaks to the core aim of FOWA, which is, to enhance the educational experience of our children.


Mixed with this sense of pride at the funds we have raised however is the sadness that the future is so uncertain.

As my term as chair comes to an end as yet no one has stepped forward to take on the role.

So, I appeal to the enthusiastic and generous amongst the parents to take the reins. I will gladly chaperone the willing volunteer this year.

My involvement with Fowa started as soon as I joined the school with my eldest Daughter who, by the way started University this weekend.

 She came to West Ashtead in year 3 from St Giles.

Joining an established class of children, I felt I could help us both feel part of our new school and therefore more settled, if I became a class rep.

 I have been a class Rep or a FOWA Committee Member ever since, culminating as Chair for the last 3 years.

I can honestly say I feel part of our school and stepping down as Chair I can’t see that feeling of belonging changing, but I do hope to give someone else the privilege of feeling involved in the school they have trusted their precious children to.


As I step down from the Chairman ship of Fowa I know I must step away.

 It brings to mind the time I spent beside my children as they mastered riding their bikes.

 I have done all the ground work, I cannot now continue to hold on to the saddle.

It would limit the direction of travel.

 However, I have to accept that this may result in a fall.

This is what saddens me, however I cannot limit the horizons that could be seen by hanging on to appease my feelings. I hope to be able to offer words of encouragement down the road if they are required.


I feel together we have met our brief in enriching and enhancing our children’s experience at school.

I hope that FOWA can continue in whatever form to be a strong force for the enrichment of our children’s schooling in the coming year.

Thank you.