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Governors are like a Board of Directors and make decisions about how the school is run. They have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They can only act together, they cannot act individually.


Governing Body Structure

November 2019

Chair Youssef El-Dada
Vice Chair Simon Ling
Headteacher Governor Ruth Hall
Staff Governor Katherine Walsh
Local Authority Governors Simon Ling

Co-opted Governors




Anne Day

Laura Martin




Parent Governors

Tom McDonough

Perag Patel

Matthew Rowland

Clerk Martin Walden

The Governing Body serves through the following committees










The Governing Body of West Ashtead Primary School comprises 11 full members.

GB Core Functions

  1. Ensuring Clarity of Vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the HT to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent


*Working groups will be formed as and when necessary to progress identified strategic projects.

HT Appraisal                      Pay Committee                   Pay Appeals          



GB Focus Areas

Governor focus for summer/autumn 2017 is to

To ensure that the systems and best practice procedures are in place to enable:

  • The level and progress of pupils can be effectively assessed, focusing on maths, writing, reading.
  • All adults, including teaching assistants, have the skills and knowledge to support and extend pupils’ learning well
  • All pupils, including the most able, have timely opportunities to deepen and broaden their understanding in a wide range of subjects
  • The school’s systems of marking and feedback are refined so that pupils are more involved in improving their work.
  • Understanding pupil premium funding and evidence that pupil premium is being used effectively to overcome barriers to learning

The Lead Governor will gain an understanding of the area by working with the lead teacher and as part of that have an initial meeting which will enable the governor to answer the following three questions:

  • What is the focus and why?
  • What are we doing to close the gaps/improve outcomes?
  • What has been the difference in learning?

Learning walks will be undertaken to identify evidence and a report written and submitted to Full GB for an update.

Key monitoring data/documents

Monitoring Data/Reporting      Committee Ownership & scrutiny      Link Governor

Performance Data                     Strategic/FGB                                       Head Teacher

5 Year Strategic Plan                Strategic/FGB                                       Head Teacher

National Standards                   Strategic/FGB                                      Head Teacher 

Statutory Policies                      FGB                                                     Martin Walden

Safeguarding/Behaviour             FGB                                                     Simon Ling

Five Year Strategic Plan             FGB                                                     Head Teacher

One Year Development Plan       FGB                                                     Head Teacher

School Visits -                          FGB                                                     Chair/All Governors

Annual Development Plan         FGB/Resources                                    Head Teacher/Simon Ling

Performance Management        Resources                                            Head Teacher

SFVS                                      Resources                                           

Health & Safety/Premises        Resources                                            

Stakeholder Engagement         Resources                                            

Progress & Assessment             C&L                                                     HT/Youssef El-dada

SEND Pupils                             C&L                                                     Laura Martin

Pupil premium                          C&L                                                    Simon Ling

English/Reading                       C&L                                                     

Maths                                      C&L                                                     

Pupil Voice                               C&L                                                    

IT                                            C&L                                                      

More Abled                              C&L                                                    

Sports                                     C&L